Not too long ago, my older daughter and I were out college shopping. We had barely hit the “back to school” aisles when my husband called frantically.

“You have to come home right away. Your bike was stolen,” he said out of breath.

Our neighbor saw two young boys riding on one bike and when they got to our house, the one boy jumped off, ran up to our carport, and grabbed my bike.

My mind flashed back to that morning after my bike ride. We were storing our bikes in a trailer, and I was too lazy to unlock the trailer and put my bike back after my morning ride.

I felt my heart sink. I thought for sure, I would never see the bike again. Despite the fact that a couple of years ago my husband had his bike stolen in the exact same fashion, and he recovered his bike (with God’s help:) How quickly I forget what God is capable of.

I take comfort in the fact I am not alone in my forgetfulness. There is a pattern in the Bible of a God who performs miracles – and His people the Israelites, His disciples, and we still today find it difficult to believe in His miracles or remember what He has done for us.

Later that evening, my husband drove around the surrounding neighborhoods to see if he could find my bike. He drove by a shopping center and saw a group of kids gathered and some of them had bikes.

He literally snuck up on the group, making his way behind pillars to the place where the kids were congregated. Sure enough, there was a little guy putting colorful plastic straws on the spokes of my bike.

My husband walked up and put his hand on the bike and asked, “Where did you get this bike? This is my wife’s bike. It was stolen this afternoon.”

The young kid jumped back in surprise and replied, “Ughhh, I got it from a friend.”

As my husband pressed the group for more information, they gave up the name of the kid who stole the bike. My husband went on to tell the group how much this bike meant to me. I had just graduated from college (after 20 years), and this bike was a gift from our families celebrating my effort.

In hearing the story, the one girl told the kid, “Man you better apologize…”

My story ended happily. Not all stories of theft do.

Weeks later as I was praying, God reminded me again of what He had accomplished. We were going through a tough spell where it seemed like much was taken from us. It was not only physical items, but time, resources, and relationships. I heard Him gently whisper, I AM a God who redeems, restores, makes good what is taken from you, whether in this life or the one to come.

Because of His promise, I can let go a little and release my hold, my protectiveness, and trust the one who created all is taking care of me.

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.”

Joel 2:25

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want…He RESTORES my soul.”

Psalm 23:1,3

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